Star Wars Battlefront 3: Funk Wars Compilation

My inspiration for this video is to express my love for funk music, & at the same time show how much I’ve enjoyed playing Star Wars Battlefront.
All the footage is my own, recorded and cut down from hours of game play; I also did all the editing to turn it into a hilarious music video with dancing, taunts, skill shots and explosions all timed perfectly to this foot stepper of a tune, who knew Star Wars Battlefront could be so funky!

Mortal Kombat X : Ragdoll Brutality & Hard Moves Compilation

I made this video of my game play on Mortal Kombat X over a couple of weeks going through beating people online & performing some of the hardest & favourite Brutalities & Combos including Jax's Rag Doll (the impossible Brutality)
I've been super nerdy & edited this video so the attacks are bang in time with my favourite piece of music from Mad Max Fury Road.
This makes for a real adrenaline pumping video; I’ve made it so the moves get more & more intense as the music builds & builds.

Mortal Kombat XL : Beat Down 2 Compilation (The DLC)

This is my second Beat Down video showcasing the four new characters including the fifth, secret Cyber Sub-Zero character, my favourite new brutalities and the new Stage Fatalities. I have edited it similarly to my first Beat Down video but this time using the soundtrack from Galerians Demo 1 on the PlayStation 1.